Yard Sign Campaign

According to the most recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), 51% of Lodi HS students and 67% of Lodi MS students agreed that in their community they felt like they mattered to people. These numbers are not as high as they have been in previous years, and is part of the driving force behind the Lodi Pride campaign. 


As part of the Lodi Pride campaign, the Lodi Community Action Team’s new #LodiPride yard sign messaging, aims to make a communitywide statement that we care about and support our youth!


Lodi Pride means something different to each of us, but we can show our pride in our community every day. When we have pride in where we live and our community, kids grow up in an environment where they feel they can achieve almost anything. In fact, research tells us that youth have the best chance to grow up and make positive choices if they have:

*a community that encourages youth participation

*3 or more adults that care about them


We hope that you now have a better understanding of this messaging, and that you’ll display your sign with #LodiPride!!

Show your Lodi Pride and support for kids by displaying one of our awesome yard signs.

You can pick up a yard sign at the LCAT office in the Lodi School District Office, 115 School Street, Lodi WI, 53555.


Send an email to patteli@lodischoolswi.org and we will arrange a alternative pick up or delivery.