What is the "Parent Pledge"?

1) The "Parent Pledge" is an agreement from parents to their child and to other parents. Parents agree that youth will not have access to alcohol or other drugs in their home and they welcome communication with other parents.

2) The "Parent Pledge" allows parents to network with one another, closing the loopholes that allow youth to access alcohol without parental knowledge. LCAT will email parents who complete the Parent Pledge 2 times per year with the Parent Pledge list, which includes other parents' contact information.

LCAT asks you to complete the following form if you agree to this 5-point promise. Once you complete the form, you will be directed to a hard copy of the Parent Pledge that you can print, sign, share with your child(ren) and display in your home.


1) I promise to not knowingly allow minors to consume alcohol or other drugs in my home.
2) I encourage other parents to contact me when their child will be at my home and to ask about child activities and supervision at my home.
3) I promise to pick up my child if they are in danger and need a ride home.  Questions can wait until the next morning.
4) I promise to talk to my child about where they are going, what they are doing, whom they are with and when they will be home.
5) I promise to talk to my child about the dangers of using controlled substances including prescription drugs.

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