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Facts You Should Know

1)  Marijuana is a gateway drug to other drug abuse. MOST ALL Heroin users report using marijuana and/or prescription drugs before moving on to heroin. 

2) Marijuana contains about 500 components. THC in marijuana produces the “high” users seek. In 1983 the THC level in marijuana was about 4%. Today THC levels have been found to be as high as 40%. THC is responsible for most of the negative and dangerous effects such as:

Decreased ability to remember, recall events or
Shift attention from one thing to the next. 
Disruption in coordination and balance which regulate balance, posture, coordination and reaction time
Increased risk of heart attack
50-70% more carcinogens in the smoke than tobacco smoke
Significant link to mental illness, especially schizophrenia and psychosis
Reduction in IQ by as much as 8 points among people who started using marijuana before age 18
A risk of car crash in users that is double that of nonusers.
One out of six users will become addicts if start before age 15; one in 10 after 15
Effects can last up to 28 days after abstinence from the drug. 

3) The brain is developing until age 25; marijuana on a developing brain is detrimental. 

4)  In Wisconsin marijuana is illegal. Legalizing marijuana has serious ramifications. Looking at Colorado as an example:

Report from HIDTA:
The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program (HIDTA) is a drug-prohibition enforcement program run by the United States Office of National Drug Control Policy. It was established in 1990 after the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 was passed.
The mission of the program is to enhance and coordinate America's drug-control efforts among local, state and Federal law enforcement agencies in order to eliminate or reduce drug trafficking and its harmful consequences in critical regions of the United States.
In 2006, drivers testing positive for marijuana were involved in 28 percent of fatal vehicle crashes involving drugs. By 2011 that number had increased to 56 percent

*In 2011, nearly one out of four of the Boulder County School District high school students (9th - 12th grade) surveyed indicated that they were current marijuana users.3 This is more than three times the national rate. 
o In academic school years 2008 – 2010, an average of 20.75 percent of Adams County high school students surveyed indicated they were current marijuana users (at least once in the last 30 days). That number increased 39 percent during academic years 2010 – 2012 to 28.85 percent
*For the academic years ending in 10, 11 and 12 drug related expulsions and suspensions increased to an average of 5217. This is a 37% increase.
*The average reported past month marijuana use for young adults ages 18 to 25 in Colorado increased from 21% in 2006 to 27% in 2011. This is a 27% increase. 

**On January 10, 2013 Nebraska State patrol stopped a vehicle on interstate 80 with 476 pounds of marijuana from Colorado that was destined for Wisconsin.