As a business owner or manager, marijuana is your circus and the monkeys have the potential to eat into your profits.

Here are some of the ways marijuana use could be affecting your business:


Marijuana stays in your system much longer than alcohol and other drugs.   A heavy smoker may never test below the legal limit as the drug stays in your system and starts to build with excessive use.


The burden is on employers to create a safe environment.     This means you must take steps to keep employees who are impaired from causing issues that may harm themselves, other employees or customers.  As a small business owner how do you do this?  


Drug Screening and random drug Testings costs average $50 to $80 per test


As a business owner your responsibility can go further than just on the job:

There is no case law for marijuana, so each employer is responsible for defining the rules related to drugs and alcohol and for knowing that each employee can do the job he or she has been assigned. In the case of Clanbro-Williams Bros., a company had a drug policy. Despite the policy, 10 or 12 employees regularily met in the company parking lot after hours to drink beer. One night, one of the employees left the gathering and was in an accident on the way home that killed one person and severely injured two others. The court ruled that the company knew of any approved the employees off hour drinking events and therefore was negligent


Overall costs to businesses is increasing thanks to statistics such as these:


Substance abusers(namely alcohol and marijuana) cause 35% of all industrial injuries and fatalities.

Substance Abusers cause 38-50% of all Workers Compensation Claims.

Substance Abusers Incur 300% more medical costs and use benefits 8 times more often.


Substance Abusers in the workplace preform at 67% of their potential.  In addition to the health and safety issues above, Majiuana causes the following productivity and loss issues.

- Short-term memory problems and impaired thinking 

- Loss of balance and coordination and changes in sensory perception 

- Impaired ability to perform complex tasks 

               - Decreased alertness, concentration, and reaction time

        -5 time more likely to be absent


Substance abusers represent approximately 17% of the average workforce and cost a company an average of $7000 to $10,000 per person/year EXCLUDING impacts like turnover, morale, major accident or lawsuit.