The Web

Here in the LCAT office, we like to use this Ethiopian proverb quite a bit: "When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion."  How does this saying relate to our community?  Well, take some time to think about your role in this community.

How are you contributing to the "web" of support for our youth?  Are you a parent?  Do you work with kids?  Are you a community member who is concerned about our youth?  Are you ready to make a difference?  Whether you realize it or not, you are probably already making a difference in the lives of our youth.

Click here to view a list of things you can do for our youth.  Can you believe it is as simple as saying "hello" to a young person on the street?  Simple actions can have significant and positive consequences.  These little actions add up over time and help strengthen the "web" of support around our youth.

-Source: "Parent, Teacher, Mentor, Friend: How every adult can change kids' lives" by Peter L. Benson, Ph.D.