Show Your Lodi Pride and Have a Block Party!

You may have seen the Lodi Pride Block Party Wagon around town or heard us mention it before. Your thoughts may have wandered between, "Having a block party sounds like WAY too much work" or "I don't know much about it." Well, I can tell you that having a neighborhood block party is not difficult! In fact, it's FREE, EASY and FUN!

LCAT has provided everything you need for a block party FREE OF CHARGE. First, contact LCAT here to reserve the Block Party Wagon. Next, inform your neighbors of the block party date. We drop the wagon off at your location before the block party. It contains everything you need to host a block party, such as tables, chairs, canopies, plates, utensils, drink mixes, tons of sports equipment and games, and MORE. The only thing you and your neighbors need to provide is the food, which you can arrange like a potluck. Your neighbors help with the cleanup and it goes quickly. LCAT picks up the wagon when you are done. That's it. It's that easy!

The main benefits of having a block party are connecting with your community and having fun with your family. Recently, a resident of Lodi used the Block Party Wagon and said, "Had an AWESOME block party tonight! Thanks LCAT!" People who have used the wagon comment on how it's easier than they thought to host a block party.

For more information on the Lodi Pride Block Party Wagon, please visit You can also contact Paula Enger at