Sheriff's Department Conciders Stopping Compliance Checks

It appears as though the Columbia County Sheriff, Dennis Richards, has decided to not re-apply for the CARD grant that funded Alcohol Compliance Checks in Columbia County.  This program has been very successful over the last few years for bringing attention to the issues invovled with teen access to alcohol.  The Lodi Police Department will continue their compliance program, but with out the help of the Sheriff's department, the outlying areas will go unaddressed. Tim Belleau has written a letter to the Sheriff from Columbia County Connects and I have written a letter from the Lodi Community action team.   We both encoraged the Sheriff to reconsider his decision and continue the program.   We now ask that you do the same and contact the Sheriff with your encoragement as well.

Dennis E. Richards, Sheriff
Law Enforcement Center
711 East Cook Street
Portage Wi 53901

Or email the Sheriff from the following Webpage

Here is a copy of the Compliance Letter sent from LCAT.

Compliance checks are done on a regular basis to insure that establishments that sell alcohol comply with the laws requireing verification of ID.  The Checks are partialy or full funded by grants.  The Lodi Police Department is on a seperate grant from the Sheriff's department.  The Lodi Police Department is fully committed to continuing this program.