September Meeting Minutes

The main focus of the September meeting was to set the plan for the Lodi Summit on Healthy Youth. A new date was needed due to the final Lodi home football game being on the same date as October 21st.   The grope decided it was best to move the summit.   The best date found is Monday November 1st.

We have tentatively scheduled the Rec Center for that date for 6-8pm.

The purpose of the summit will be to Provide the information pertaining to drug and alcohol use statistics from the 2009 Choices Survey.  We will use this information to re-enforce the good that is going on, as well as, highlight the areas that need to be addressed.  Our hope is that the result of this meeting is to create a coalition of groups to work towards creating a healthy environment for the teens in Lodi.   We see this as a first step and just getting the information out.   We expect a follow up meeting to discuss an action plan.

Steven will follow up with the school district to get permission to use the Lodi specific data at the meeting.   Steven and Curt will meet on Wednesday September 29th to set the agenda for the summit.

Patrick will work with the Rec Center to set up the facilities and have them provide Coffee and water.   We will get cookies or another light snake to have at the meeting.

Steven will write an invitation to be provided to each of the groups by next Friday October 1st.

The following groups will be contacted by the responsible party with the invitation.   We will also follow up with a personal phone call.

Church Youth Group Leaders - Steven Optimist Club - Steven Rotary Club - Patrick Scouting Organizations - Karen Home Schools - Karen Youth Basketball - Steven Youth Baseball - Dave Youth Football - Dave Four H - Dave FFA - Dave Karate America - Steven YMCA - Karen School Board and Administration - Dave LSRC - Patrick Friends of Scenic Lodi Valley - Karen Lodi Enterprise - Steven

At our last meeting we discussed providing some sort of trinket for the youth groups to hand out.  Kristina found us a great deal on water bottles and we can get 500 for $375.00.  With a logo and slogan printed on them.  I suggest we move forward with this plan.