Lodi Youth Summit October 21st 6-8 PM

After this post and email went out, I learned that the 21st is the last home game for Lodi with special events planned around it. Since this meeting is so important, we will change the night of our summit. Once a date is decided we will repost.

This October the Lodi Community Action Team will be holding a Youth Summit for all groups in the Lodi area that work with and for Teens. We will be presenting the key information from the 2009 Choices Survey conducted in Columbia county and the Lodi Area. The idea is to make sure that this important information is available and understood by the groups that need it the most. Our hope is that by the end of the Summit there will be an understanding of both what is going well and what are the true issues our teens face in the Lodi area. With the understand we also hope to facilitate a coalition of groups that will work together to strengthen our teens and provide then with more knowledge of healthy choices.

If you know of a group that should attend or are interesting in attending yourself, please contact Steven Ricks for more information.

sricks@mac.com 608-566-5614