Lodi Community Action Team Coalition October 20th Meeting

In attendance: Steven Ricks, Lisa Lee, Mike Lee, Jennifer Gorman, Paula Enger Discussion was held as to what needs to be done to satisfy DFC grant requirements as well as what needs to be done to maintain the LCAT vision that gathered all of the people at the table in the first place.

Need an Adult Liaison to establish and work with a youth group in Lodi. The liaison will receive a $2200 stipend for this commitment. Liaison needs to be determined by next meeting.

By-Laws approved: Motion was made by Mike Lee and seconded by Lisa Lee to approve the By-Laws with the changes made during the discussion.  The Motion carried. Steven Ricks will make the changes to the By-Laws and send out an electronic copy to the group.  Hard copies will be distributed at the next meeting.

The LCAT Logo was decided on. Steven will send Paula an electronic copy. Paula/Jennifer will create letterhead and orientation packets using letterhead.

Discussion was held as to how to create a sense of urgency or “buzz” around the LCAT. We need to get out “the story”, create excitement and create a media campaign for LCAT.

Contacts would include:  Mike Powers from 102.5/Doug Steel from 106.9 and Zac Schultz from the local news network.

Conversation started on a “BEST” campaign where we possibly put up ads, flyers, posters, etc. asking the questions:





Very important discussion and plan was made for the upcoming Public Hearing at City Hall on November 1st at 7:00 PM.  There will be two Ordinances that LCAT is sponsoring: Social Host ordinance and an Alcohol License Demerit ordinance.  It is critical that members in support of the mission of LCAT attend and show support for these two ordinances.

Steven will contact all those who signed on to be a sector representative for LCAT including the new youth pastor who took Blake Severson’s place.  He will encourage them to attend as well as remind them of their commitment to LCAT.  Contact Jennifer at the paper.

Paula will contact the Sheriff’s office, CCC staff, Julia Sherman (already done and she is not able to be there) and other key leaders to try to get their support in being there.

The ordinance is available for inspection by going to the Lodi Clerk.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM

Paula Enger

Project Coordinator

Lodi Community Action Team