Know! to Seize The Teachable Moment

Be prepared if a situation arises with your child regarding substance abuse.  If you hear a song on the radio or see an item in the store, now is the time to "Seize the Teachable Moment!"  Use your parent power to take advantage of alcohol and other drug-related teachable moments.  

Be sure to utilize these helpful tips below:

  • Teachable moments work best when kept short and to the point;
  • They are not effective in moments of anger or resentment between parent and child;
  • The message will need to be revisited and repeated in order to inform, persuade and reinforce;
  • Be mindful of your tone and choice of words - how you say it is as important as what you say;
  • Keep it relevant and timely - take advantage of instances when a topic catches your child’s attention. If you need more info, research and then revisit your chat (but do it sooner than later). 

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