Know! the Truth about Family Meals

What is the Know! program?  According to the Drug Free Action Alliance, "Know! empowers parents, educators, and others in the community to raise young people that choose to be substance-free.  Know! provides the tools needed to communicate simple, easy-to-comprehend messages to children aged 11 to 13 about staying free from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs."

A great thing about the Know! program are the resources they offer.  Parents can take a pledge and receive two newsletters per month by clicking here.  A recent Know! newsletter article titled, "Know! the Benefits Outweigh the Stress of Family Meals," was very interesting.

The article explained the variables that make family mealtime difficult, including lack of time, lack of money, and picky eaters.  What we learned after reading the article is that meals do not need to be fancy or expensive.  The significance of having a family meal is much larger and the goal should be to foster "consistent, warm, loving and stable parent/child relationships so that children are more likely to flourish in other areas of healthy adolescent development."  

LCAT also supports The Real Happy Hour program, which has a common goal of families spending time together, whether it is eating, taking a family walk, or just spending quality time together.