January Meeting Minutes

City OrdinancesPaul Fisk gave an update on the status of new ordinances and updates to ordinances that the city is currently working on.

Synthetic Cannabis  - Ordinance adopted and should be enacted after publication.

Several Ordinances have been brought up to date and had deposits coordinated.  They include

  • 253-6 Disorderly Conduct
  • 253-14 D  Alcohol Beverages - Restrictions relating to underage persons
  • 253-14 B  Alcohol Possession / consumptions in a parked Vehicle
  • 253.44  Operating while suspended

Steven Ricks indicated that the next push for the community action team would be to enacted a Social Hosting ordinance and a brief discussion of timing and needs was had.   A decision was made to wait until after the Spring elections.

Planning Discussion

Paula conducted a planning discussion.  The Discussion centered around programs that are currently being conducted that we wish to continue and new programs that we would like to start.

Environmental changes

  • The Prescription Drug Round Ups
  • Alcohol Compliance Checks
  • Working on a social host ordinance
Community Collaboration includes
  • Supporting the school with Project Northland; Love and Logic; Teen or Peer Court;
  • In school youth group;
  • Town Hall meetings;
  • Parents Who Host
  • Parent Pledge
  • Improvements to Website to create a Community Forem
  • Security Camera at the Park
This discussion was for information gathering purposes and no decisions were made at this meeting.   It was decided to continue the planning at the February meeting and make final decisions for 2011 and recommendations for 2012.

DFC Grant

Paula discussed the Drug Free Community Grant.

We are in the process of applying for this grant and are in the information gathering phase.   Over the next month we will need to complete the grant writing phase.   A subcommittee was created to help with the grant proposal.   This team includes - Paula Enger, Steven Ricks, David Dyb, Fred Schumacher, Curt Hossman.  the Team will make regular reports at the monthly meetings.