Congratulations to our Real Happy Hour Meal Recipients!

In a partnership with "The Real Happy Hour" program, LCAT would like to congratulate those who received a free family meal last week!  See below for the meal recipients.  Five lucky families received a complete dinner for their family, t-shirts, and supplies for a successful family meal.  

Did you know family mealtimes provide profound benefits?  Family mealtimes foster family togetherness, help prevent behavior problems, help children do well in school, encourage healthy eating, and help prevent weight problems.  One of the best things you can do for your children is to provide a family meal!  

LCAT also encourages families to spend quality time together. You may be wondering what you can do when it's so cold outside!  Well, we have compiled a "Winter Challenge" Activity Sheet that will keep your family busy and spending time together.  Visit our website to access more information about The Real Happy Hour, as well as to download more family challenge activity sheets!