On Thursday, September 4, the Lodi Community Action Team (LCAT) presented five awards to outstanding youth and adults in our community.  Congratulations to everyone who is listed below - you are making a huge difference!

Adam P. and Meredith G., Lodi High School students, have been incredible student leaders with the Unified Sports program in the School District of Lodi.  Adam and Meredith attended meetings, helped with recruitment, and really helped organize the program.  They treated every person who showed up to play with respect and kindness.  Despite their busy schedules, these students have really stepped up to the plate with this program.  The future of a positive attitude amongst our student community looks great in the hands of Adam and Meredith.  

-Nominated by Diana Karls, C.R.E.W. Director, School District of Lodi

Pictured (left to right): Adam P., Meredith G., & Steven Ricks (LCAT Coalition Chair)

Three awards were presented to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) to Detective Sergeant Michael Haverley, Deputy Darrell Ward & K-9 Maverick & Detective Lieutenant Roger Brandner.  The Columbia County Drug Education and Enforcement Task Force has a lot of passion to save families from the tragedies of drug abuse.  These officers work hard to ensure Lodi is connected to the County and they are always willing to help LCAT with whatever we may need.  Youth presentations in the Lodi High School and Lodi Area Middle School have been done this past year.  The K-9 unit has done several school searches, drug investigations and community presentations in Lodi.  Our coalition and community is so appreciative of your partnership.  Thank you for all you do!

-Nominated by the Lodi Community Action Team (LCAT)

Pictured (left to right): Detective Sergeant Michael Haverley, Deputy Darrell Ward, Detective Lieutenant Roger Brandner & Steven Ricks (LCAT Coalition Chair)