LCAT Announces new Website

LCAT Announces new Website

LCAT is happy to announce the launch of our new website, still at the same address, but updated with a fresh look. Our website provides more information about who we are, what we stand for, and what we do.  It also provides more information on the issues facing our community in Lodiincluding how we are working together to create a healthy environment for our youth. 

NBC 15 News "The Drug Park"

Last night, I interviewed with NBC15 news on the “drug problem at Habermann Park” in Lodi.  The interview was a 20-25 minute discussion about our community, what LCAT is doing to support the community, and whether I felt the park was an issue. Yes, the park may be an issue, but the drugs are not explicitly limited to Habermann Park.  My reply to the reporter’s questions yesterday was edited down to the result he was looking for. This is a sad result of news reporting when multiple 20 minute interviews have to be edited down to a 2 minute segment and grab the attention of viewers.

Habermann Park as a standalone issue has been sensationalized not only in this snippet news report, but in the community.  The park, although it has its issues, is not the main drug problem in the area. At one point last year the Drug Task Force informed us that they had made over 20 arrests and were purchasing a thousand dollars a day in drugs in the Lodi Area. The majority of this action was not connected with the park at all. When we call Habermann Park the "Drug Park" we are doing ourselves and our community a disservice. Yes, Lodi has a drug problem, Yes we have had kids that die from it, but to make this issue only about a park is ignoring the major issues and the kids that are in the shadows. The question should be, what are we as a community going to do about our kids taking unhealthy risks? From the parents at home to the community leaders to the person who greets them into their place of business.

We cannot fix the drug problem by holding vigil at the park or by over policing the grounds.  Let’s fix the problem before it starts. Let’s give kids the tools they need to survive in this life without the need to escape it through alcohol and drug use. Parents and community neighbors, let’s educate ourselves about how we can create an environment for our youth that is full of healthy risks, allowing them opportunities to choose a path that is better.
For the past seven years the Lodi Community Action Team has been working to build a coalition of parents, community members, organizations, schools, law enforcement and medical agencies, to educate ourselves, built community and empower youth.   Our efforts are paying off.   The path we are on is working.   The recent results for the Youth Risk Behavior Survey from the Lodi area shows a continued trend of both alcohol and other drug use going down.   If we continue this trend for the next 10 years, we can bring down drug use in high school aged students to under 5 % and almost eliminate it in Middle School aged students.
Lodi has a lot to be proud of and one area that indicates Lodi Pride to me is the fact that we have such a strong coalition of people working together to make Lodi a better place for our youth.

Steven Ricks

NBC 15 -News Story - Local park in the City of Lodi known to many as drug hub

We have a Winner!

We have a winner for the drawing for the new Apple iPad from the Community Survey.   If you have a red ticket with the number 908871, then you are a winner.   You have until Monday September 30th to claim your prize by contacting Steven Ricks at or at 608-566-5614. If no one claims the prize a new number will be drawn next week, so stay tuned to find out what happens.


New Potentially Lethal Synthetic Drug

The Georgia Department of Public Health has been tracking a new trend in synthetic drug use. The Wisconsin Department of Public Safety felt it important to pass this information along: The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) has become aware of a dangerous, potentially lethal substance surfacing in convenience stores and smoke shops. When ingested or inhaled this neurotoxin can render a person motionless and/or unconscious and cause severe cardiac problems. In the last 24 hours, at least eight patients in Southeast Ga. have been hospitalized; some patients have been admitted to intensive care and are on life support. Two patients have been intubated.

The substance is marketed as "herbal incense," bath salts, or "roll-your-own" tobacco - similar to what public health and law enforcement have seen before containing cannabinoid receptor agonists (THC homologs), but there are now indications the chemicals or ingredients have been altered.

First responders have reported unusual strength, agitation and combativeness in some persons followed by sudden hypokalemia, flaccid paralysis, severe hyporeflexia and unconsciousness. Symptoms may present almost immediately after ingestion or inhalation, or may be delayed as users ingest more of the product. Mild to moderate intoxication can result in alterations in mood and perception, reddened conjunctiva, nausea, vomiting, xerostomia, weakness, cardiac abnormalities, hypertension, disorientation and an increase in pulse rate, similar to marijuana (THC).

DPH is working closely with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency to collect these products and remove them from store shelves. Samples of the product have arrived at a secure laboratory and testing to identify the toxins is underway. At this time, lab tests are continuing and the composition of the product is unknown. Clinicians are advised to treat symptomatically as no specific treatment has been identified.

Brand names include Crazy Clown and Herbal Madness Incense.The products are typically sold at convenience and tobacco stores and may display a clown or "joker face" with the character's tongue out and/or "5X" in product labeling.

Clinicians requiring toxicology assistance should phone the Georgia Poison Center at 800-222-1222.

Thank you for all you do.

Very truly yours,

Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D. Commissioner

Status of Drunk Driving Penalties Legislation

I recently received an email on the current status of drunk driving penalties legislation from Health First Wisconsin.  Please read below for information and links to the bills.  It is important to know what is happening in our state!

Hello fellow advocates and friends,

It is always important to us to keep everyone informed of the current status of legislation here in Madison.  Today, three of the bills put forward by Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) and Representative Jim Ott (R-Mequon) will have a public hearing.  You can get more information on each of the bills from the links below.  All of the bills aim to curb drunk driving by addressing the penalties for drunk driving.

Health First Wisconsin focuses on evidence-based policies that will impact the alcohol issues faces Wisconsin.  Penalties alone will not solve the problem.  That said, stronger penalties can be part of the solution and this is why we will continue to monitor these bills and continue to let everyone know where they stand.

AB 69 – Sets minimum sentences for causing injuring due to OWI

AB 70 – Sets minimum sentences for homicide due to OWI

AB 71 – Makes a 3rd OWI a felony

Paul Krupski

Policy Director- Alcohol Prevention

Health First Wisconsin

(608) 268-2620

Teens Addicted to Gambling?

Is it possible for teens to become addicted to gambling?  Yes, it is very possible!  Gambling is one type of addiction that is not mentioned very often.  We hear about all other kinds of addictions related to alcohol and other drugs, among many other addictions, but I thought it would be useful to bring awareness to this important topic. According to, "For some people, gambling can become as serious an addiction as drugs, tobacco, or alcohol."  This is a very real addiction and it can be very stressful to have a family member or friend with this addiction.

To read more about gambling addiction in teens, please visit


Underage Drinking 2013: The Good News and That Other Stuff

At the end of November 2012, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius released a new Report to Congress on the Prevention and Reduction of Underage Drinking. Her message at the beginning of the report begins: “In 2010, alcohol was once again the substance of choice among American youth. In fact, a greater proportion of American young people use alcohol than use other drugs or tobacco, and this use of alcohol by youth under the legal drinking age of 21 has profound negative consequences not just for underage drinkers, but also for their families, their communities, and society as a whole. Despite the modest progress made in recent years, underage drinking remains a serious public health and public safety problem.”

To read more of this article and find out what the "good news" and "the other stuff" is, please visit:

Alcohol Demerit System Passed!

After many months of hard work by parties on all sides the Lodi City Council Passed the Alcohol Demerit ordinance in an unanimous vote on Tuesday night.  The process that was undertaken to get to this point was an example for all on how the democratic process should be undertaken.  It started with Paul Fisk presenting an ordinance adopted by other municipalities as a recommendation for adoption by the Lodi City Council.  The council decided to conduct a public hearing before making any decisions.   At the open hearing there were local citizens and business owners who all provided very good input.   Through this hearing several issues with the ordinance as presenter were found and the council sent the ordinance to committee.  Again, the committee meetings were conducted in a very open and fair manor.   The end result of many committee meetings is an ordinance that we believe is fair for all. Lodi can truly say that we want the best for our kids and we are willing to make some hard decisions to get there.   Thanks especially to Paul Fisk, Paula Enger and all those that wrote letters to the paper and add ended various meetings to make this happen.   I would also like to thank the owners of Dolphin's and Lloyd's for the time and attention that they gave to this ordinance.   I believe that their input made this better.



City Council Takes up Social Hosting

On Tuesday June 21st Paul Fisk will be presenting the proposed Social Hosting ordinance to the City Council.  This is a very important issue in the fight against Teen Access to Alcohol and we need your  support.   Please plan on attending this important meeting to show your support for this ordinance and the children of Lodi.  You can find the proposed ordinance here. Columbia County Connects will be sending a representative to discuss social hosting issues and the Lodi Police Department will also be there in support of this ordinance.   However, we need to show the city council that the citizens of Lodi are behind this as well.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or at 608-566-5614.

Please Plan to Attend

Tuesday June 21st at 7:00 PM at the Lodi City Hall

City of Lodi Passes Resolution

The City of Lodi passed Resolution 11-06 A Resolution In Support Of The Lodi Community Action Team last Tuesday February 15th.  The resolution proposed by Council President Paul Fisk provides that the City of Lodi will support LCAT in its quest for Federal Funding which will enable the community to create a drug and alcohol free environment for the youth of Lodi. You can read the full resolution here.  Resolution

Janesville Bans Synthetic Marijuana - Madison News Story - WISC Madison

Janesville's Common Council voted Monday night to ban the sale of synthetic marijuana. The vote wasn't expected until Jan. 24, but Janesville on Monday became the latest city to ban the substance.

"Milton's banned it; Clinton's banned it; Milwaukee's banned it; Eau Claire has banned it and La Crosse," said Frank Perrotto, a member of the Janesville Common Council.

Read More >> Janesville Bans Synthetic Marijuana - Madison News Story - WISC Madison.

Yard Signs

It is that time again to start our Parents Who Host Yard Sign campaign.   You have probably noticed signs going up around town and wished you had one of your own to put up in your yard.   Well, the good news is that we have plenty would be happy to drop by and put it up for you.  If you would like a sign, just drop an email to or call 608-566-5614.  We are looking for people in high traffic areas and areas out of the City of  Lodi, but we have enough for everyone.