Video - Columbia County Drug Task Force - Part 2 The Problem

This is the second video from the presentation given by the Columbia County Sheriff's Drug Task Force at the March Community Conversations meeting.   In this video, Det. LT. Roger Brandner discusses the extent of the drug problem in Lodi and the resources applied to address the issue.  Be sure to check back for more videos from this great presentation.

Sober Saturday Night on Jan. 26

The Lodi High School Leadership Council is putting on their first ever “Sober Saturday Night” on January 26, 2013. The event will be held from 7:00 to 11:00 PM and is for Lodi High School Students. The purpose of the night is to offer teens a fun alternative to drinking. There will be a volleyball tournament where kids can create teams and compete, both male and female. In addition, there will be cards played in the commons, a movie showing, and the athletic boosters will have their concession stand open.

Finally, every Lodi high schooler that comes will be entered into a drawing for door prizes which include: a $50 dollar Visa gift card, different $25 gift cards, and Sober Saturday Night t-shirts.

Most importantly, the entire event is completely free! If you have any questions regarding the event, please feel free to contact Megan Dorsey during school hours at 608-592-3853 ext. 4414 or email at dorseme@lodischoolswi.org.

Lodi Hearing On Alcohol Ordinances

On Tuesday November 1st the Lodi City Council held an open hearing on two Odinances under consideration. A Social Hosting Ordinance that addresses hosting Alcohol related events at your place or residence and a Demerit system to help regulate Alcohol License infractions. There was a lively discussion on both sides and some good points were made about the current wording of the ordinances. Both Ordinances were referred to the HR Committee, chaired by Karla Schultz. All alcohol license holders have been invited to participate in the rewording, so if you would like your voice heard, please contact Karla Schultz through the Lodi City Hall.

You can find the current wording for both ordinances here - Lodi social Host and Demerit ordinances.


Lodi area community members will have another opportunity to safely dispose of unused and expired medications by bringing them to the Lodi Police Station at 142 S Main on Saturday May 15 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. The first drug round up was a huge success and we collected over 500 containers of medications. The Lodi Police Department will assume control of the drugs and they will be safely disposed of at no charge. Please leave the medication in its original container but cross out names while still keeping the name of the medication legible. There are numerous reasons why it is important to safely dispose of unused drugs:

-Medications flushed down the toilet may contaminate our lakes, streams and ground water causing harm to humans, wildlife and vegetation.

-Medications thrown in trash can cause poisoning by accidental ingestion by young children, pets and even wildlife.

- A survey of teenagers by the Partnership for Drug-Free America found that 1in 5 teens has tried Vicodin, and 1 in 10 have tried OxyContin, both powerful narcotic pain relievers. 1 in 10 teens has abused cough medicine. One of the most common means for young people to obtain drugs is by getting them from grandparent’s medicine cabinets

-Misuse and abuse of prescription drugs is growing throughout the U.S.  and is negatively impacting millions of youth, adults and families.

What can you bring?

All prescription and over the Counter medication will be accepted including: pills, spray, liquids capsules, inhalers, ointments, patches, and creams.

This program is being sponsored by: LCAT; Lodi Community Action Team, LATV; Lodi Area Teen Vision, Lodi Leadership Council in LHS, and the Lodi Police Department.

Let’s all work together to create a healthy safer community.

Saving our youth

The Lodi Enterprise has an article on the K.I.D.S. town hall meeting.   Several of our members are included in the article and it is a very good representation of what we hope to get.

"I want parents to know that this is not a meeting to say 'parents, you should not be drinking yourselves,' or 'parents you've been doing a bad job', that's not what this is about," Persike said. "This is just a bunch of people getting together and saying here are some questions we have as a community. Where can we improve, where can we focus our time and energy and funds?"

Follow the link for the complete story.