Be a Positive Example for Your Child

As you have seen from our previous blog posts, Prescription Drug Take Back Day is on Saturday, May 16 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Lodi Police Department (142 S. Main St.).  We encourage you to go through your cabinets and bring old expired medication to the Lodi Police Department on this important day.  

Additionally, we encourage you to bring your child with you, explain why it is important to properly dispose of prescription medication, and why we are lucky that our Lodi Police Department takes the time to do this.  We know that prescription drug abuse is a gateway to heroin abuse.  We know that more deaths occur every year from drug overdoses than from car accidents.  We know that teaching our children respect for potentially harmful medications can literally save their life. 

This article gives an excellent and easy tool we can all use to assist in speaking with our health care provider about prescription medication.  You will not only obtain the detailed information you need, but respect for prescription medications will also be emphasized.  As stated in the article, one of the most powerful opportunities parents possess is our opportunity to positively influence our children.  Remember, they are paying close attention to our lifestyle choices.