Alcohol Demerit System Passed!

After many months of hard work by parties on all sides the Lodi City Council Passed the Alcohol Demerit ordinance in an unanimous vote on Tuesday night.  The process that was undertaken to get to this point was an example for all on how the democratic process should be undertaken.  It started with Paul Fisk presenting an ordinance adopted by other municipalities as a recommendation for adoption by the Lodi City Council.  The council decided to conduct a public hearing before making any decisions.   At the open hearing there were local citizens and business owners who all provided very good input.   Through this hearing several issues with the ordinance as presenter were found and the council sent the ordinance to committee.  Again, the committee meetings were conducted in a very open and fair manor.   The end result of many committee meetings is an ordinance that we believe is fair for all. Lodi can truly say that we want the best for our kids and we are willing to make some hard decisions to get there.   Thanks especially to Paul Fisk, Paula Enger and all those that wrote letters to the paper and add ended various meetings to make this happen.   I would also like to thank the owners of Dolphin's and Lloyd's for the time and attention that they gave to this ordinance.   I believe that their input made this better.