Asset Builders

Lodi Community Action Team Members: Attached please find files needed to nominate someone for a Columbia County Asset Builders award. Eligible candidates are people, adults or youth, who live or work in Columbia County and have not received an award in the past.

Forms are due back to my office no later than 15th.

Please read the attached Nominee Letter for more information.  If you can think of anyone you would like to nominate, check their name against the Past Asset Builder Recipients.  If their name does not appear on the list, then fill out the Nomination form and send it in by the 15th.  The Asset Builders Celebration will take place on May 12th at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Portage WI. Please contact me with comments and questions.  My apologies if you receive this e-mail more than once.

Asset Nomination Form

Past Asset Builder Recipients

Nominee Letter



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